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Cheryl Lentz:

Cheryl started running in 2012 after joining Weight Watchers.  Never having been athletic, she was surprised to find herself actually enjoying running!  Since then, Cheryl has run 7 full marathons, 23 half marathons, and a load of shorter distance races.  New adventures are already planned for 2018. Cheryl volunteers for a running program at Lansing Correctional Facility 3 days a week, she runs for a sweet girl named Ruby with the Who I Run 4 organization (an organization that matches runners with individuals with disabilities –, and is a member of Streak Runners International. “I appreciate the opportunity to be a Gobbler Grind Ambassador and can’t wait to participate again!”


 Laura Plaisance:

Laura Completed the Couch to 5k program while preparing for her wedding in 2012 and  has been running ever since. “I run pretty much every weekend in KC area races. Ran Gobbler Grind for the past 3 years and looking forward to running the half again this year.”





Sarah Thomas:

This Gobbler Grind is going to be Sarah Thomas’ first FULL MARATHON and she is so excited (and scared)! She started running April 1st, 2016 to lose some weight and feel better about herself.  She soon learned that running not only made her feel better about herself, but about her life in general! Sarah says, “I had no idea that pounding out a few miles a day would make me a much better person, mother, spouse and friend. I was terrified, but I let my friend talk me into running a half marathon in May of 2016 – I’ve been hooked ever since.”  She signed up for every race she could find on her free weekends that were within a 3 hour drive! In the 8 months that she ran of 2016 she was able to complete: one 25K, 5 half marathons, one 10 mile race and about twenty 5K & 10K’s. She spent most of 2017 pregnant but was able to sprinkle in a few 5 and 10K’s and 2 half marathons. Someday she wants to be a pacer so she can motivate her pace group to meet their goals! She is also a member of 2018 Running Streak Challenge, Kansas Beef Endurance Team, and the Blue River Runners of Marysville, KS! Her is goal is to bring awareness to joys of running to people of my community.